• why I admire my clients-a THOUGHT

    Every client that walks through the door of my office has my admiration.

    They have each taken personal responsibility for dealing with whatever their particular issue is. This takes courage, to decide to open themselves to sharing their fears and concerns with a stranger, and to then put their faith in that person, that is courageous!

    In addition to their courage, each has shown great self awareness, which is so pleasing to see.

    Some people may see a friend, family member or colleague visiting a Hypnotherapist as a sign of weakness-absolutely wrong, this is a sign of strength.

    Often in the corporate world companies spend large sums of money to help their employees to perform better, to control stress, to increase creativity. Some of those employees reject even the idea that someone coming in could make their lives better, they may feel they have everything under control and ‘it’s a waste of valuable time’. And then – BOOM – if they are lucky the trainer, guide, therapist whatever you want to call them, shows them a new way to THINK, to enjoy life more, both at work and in their private life. A good ‘guide’ brings that self-awareness into being.

    All it takes is a change in your THINKING about your place on this earth, a change in how you value yourself.

    This is called self-awareness and when one understands this, then one may understand my admiration for my clients.

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