• we are not all bad-a THOUGHT

    There is so much sadness in this world and many of us take this sadness upon ourselves, we allow it to make us as individuals angry, sad or worried. I was looking at a news story this morning on the TV about a bad human being who paid an enormous amount of money to hunt a lion, and had taken pleasure in killing that lion, and then taking the lions head as a trophy. Despicable !!

    This is a sad story and an abominable act of barbarity and cowardice, perpetrated, by a human being on a defenceless living being.

    Every day we see and hear of other immense atrocities, worldwide and yes, it is all outrageous and terrible.

    There is another side of humanity that we can be proud of, all the big and small acts of kindness, politeness and caring that takes place every singe moment of every single day.

    I cannot change the bad, inhuman acts that are taking place, BUT, you and I can be a part of the good side, helping and caring for those local to us. Let’s make our part of this world a better place and do what we can further afield.

    Don’t allow the bad things happening to make you angry or sad, fight back by being calmer and nicer to this world and it’s inhabitants, both human and animal, we can be better than some of our fellow humans.

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