• lessons learned in life-a THOUGHT


    I’ve recently looked around me at people I’ve shared summers with and memories flood in, many good, some less so. But those memories to one degree or another prove to have been lessons, you know, how to cope when things don’t go quite as planned and how to deal with high days and low days.

    THINKING of those many days and the lessons learned, brought home to me that as we get older and the years pass, that we do become a little wiser, we do understand that life doesn’t run smoothly all the time, that people enter and leave our lives for a myriad of reasons. As I write this and as you read it we each can know that up to this point in time, we have survived it all and right there, is yet another lesson learned “we are all, stronger and more capable than we could possibly have known”.

    We are learning each and every day of our lives, one of the biggest lessons is ‘whilst we breathe there is hope’ – so keep breathing.


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