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I am in my 60’s, very happily married to Mandy.

I have an extremely diverse background of work and careers.

My own experiences have given me an understanding of the ups and downs of living a full life, with some surprises along the way, some good, some not so good. This has led me to THINK deeply about the intricacies of the mind and how some people just seem to float above any problem whilst others struggle to make sense of just living day to day.

I use many tools to assist my clients.  Hypnosis is incredibly useful and powerful, but it is just one of the tools in my box.  Please note that I have not used the word “clinic” on this site.  My belief is that each and everyone of us can improve our health, our wealth (if that is our driver) and certainly our happiness. Let’s be honest, without the first, we cannot have the other two.

I cover all the regular matters such as – Stop SmokingWeight ControlPublic Speaking nerves – Phobia release, etc.



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 hypnotherapy newport pagnell    
 hypnotherapy newport pagnell